Whisplay is coming your way!

Discover your upcoming gaming social network and ultimate ad-free toolbox, FOR the gamers, BY the gamers: the direct link between the players and the professionals of the gaming world. What if everything you needed and more was just here, on one single platform?

Here is a summary of our philosophy and endeavor! Make sure to download our detailed brochure below to learn about the awesome features and solutions Whisplay has to offer.

Our philosophy

Our company is not a general press organization: we are gamers. Whisplay was born from our experiences (good and bad) and a simple observation of the gaming world. We want to give efficient answers to these problematic questions: What do we have? What could be improved? What do we need?

A direct link between the gamers and the pros
Communication is everywhere. Yet, barriers and intermediaries stand between those who imagine, create and those who play. Whisplay has no affiliation to any studio or press entity and finds its place in the complex industry of video games through neutrality. From now on, we give everyone the possibility to share and move forward together, without interference. We want to tear down the walls and bring together the gamers and the professionals.
No ad
OK, everyone loves the popping, jumping and usually quite graceful ads which kindly remind you that you need to buy cat food and/or a new pair of shoes... [SARCASM SIGN]. For most users the result is intrusive and sometimes inappropriate, not to mention that the contents we seek often get lost in the screen.
There will be no ad on Whisplay, the useful display place is 100%.
A powerful toolbox
The most common and problematic issue we faced over the years is the following: the tools we need are scattered all over the great world wide web. On Whisplay, we want to include every actors (occasional and hardcore gamers, video game professionals, writers, influencers, streamers…) and to challenge – one feature at a time – everyone’s abilities and habits.

Extensive database + Powerful toolbox + Social Network = Whisplay

Whisplay is a community hub for the gamers of planet Earth. We want to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform for everyone who stayed a child at heart. Imagine every information you need on video games, combined with useful tools... and awesome social networking features.

The sky's the limit!

The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to show you the power of Whisplay:
efficient solutions, awesome features and a way to bring the gaming world together.
Spread the word: Whisplay is coming your way!