Advertising (or lack thereof) & monetization

Against all ads

Let's talk about something everyone enjoys... ADS!
We know everybody loves waiting 20 seconds to launch a video and have 40% of the screen overrun by shoes or cat food ads. In addition to reaching the right target almost... never, the best are usually the ones that appear under the cursor at the last moment.

Let's be clear, no one appreciates visual pollution. Let's be honest too, advertisement is more widespread than ever because it is a huge money-maker.

Alternative feasible means exist to be profitable, which respect privacy and are not to the detriment of the user.

Monetization on Whisplay

So you might ask: how do you offer high-quality services and ad-free contents while giving up the income generated by advertisement?

- Free access to information is important to us, therefore there will be no restricted content. To encourage curiosity, it's important to be able to browse Whisplay free of charge: no account is necessary to access contents (articles, game pages and forums and so on).

- A free account is made available to users in order to enjoy the many interactive features on the platform, such as the highly customizable profile, the contact spheres management, articles edition and comments, or media diffusion (among other things). The vast majority of the features is accessible via this free account, and everyone is able to experience Whisplay's power and interactive immersion without a paid account.

- The users can also have a paid subscription account, based on a one-month period (renewable or terminable at the end of each month), the amount of which does not exceed a traditional music or media subscription. This paid account totally unlocks the system and unravel all the mysteries of the platform. More options are then available: increased storage capacity, new editing options for the articles, increased max number of users allowed on a chat, to name but a few.

- The platform also includes an online store where users are able to purchase additional modules, such as the ability to create your own personal forum (closed for chosen members only, or made accessible to the community). Titles, aesthetics, design options and goodies are also available for purchase there.


What about money transactions on Whisplay? Two solutions are possible, depending on the situation.

- Only monthly paid subscription accounts are payable in traditional currency.
- For every other transactions, Whisplay has its very own virtual currency: packs of units are available on the online store, to be used for all your purchases on the platform – avatar frames, goodies, a month of subscription or additional modules tied to an account.

This e-money is transferable between users, meaning that a paid element can be purchased by several users in cooperation, or can be donated to another user as a reward if you appreciate his or her work.

Business to business

The goal of Whisplay is to bring closer the players and the editors/developers and make interaction easier for both parties. Professionals of the gaming industry also have accounts, where they can manage their game pages, forums, Q/A and access many tools specially made to keep in touch with the community. The first account is free of charge.

Professionals are also given the opportunity to buy statistical data related to their own games on the platform. Be reassured, we are talking about anonymous data (personal data will never be released or sold to a third party). These statistics usually allow game studios and developers to spot the players' preferences so they can make adjustments and meet expectations even more effectively. For example, they can know how many users between the age of 19 and 44 have seen this particular content they published, and for how long. However, they will never know that amongst them is NarutoSasuke666 (real name Marty), that his email is, and that he lives in... you get the idea!

We care about the respect of privacy as much as the comfort of our users... we are gamers too (#WeAreTheGamers).

You get it, Whisplay chose to ban advertising as a source of income and decided to dedicate 100% of the screen to video games and to the community.

Every content will be ad-free and accessible to everyone, our economic model being based on micro-transactions, paid accounts and business to business. Welcome to Whisplay!