Whisplay & the protection of privacy


In the digital age, one can ask how to reconcile freedom of speech and respect of privacy. Whereas some people voluntarily give away details of their lives on the internet, the vast majority of users are left with these big questions: which kind of data is collected on me when I roam the internet, to what extent – and most of all – to what end?

The business based on personal data is thriving. Some companies openly made this their primary line of work: details of your life for cash money. But unfortunately, most of the time data is gathered without the user knowing. Everyone heard about the recent scandals concerning the fraudulent use of personal data, about the grey areas when it comes to the law, and consequently the attempts to make it right through new regulations. Whatever side you take in this heated debate, one thing is certain: the respect of privacy is important in the analogic world, then it must also be important in the digital world.

Digital footprints on Whisplay

On Whisplay, we won’t pretend to revolutionize the data collecting and processing system, but we chose to take the most healthy and ethical path. To do so, we have to draw a line between what constitutes useful data and data solely intended for commercial purposes.

Browsing a website without leaving any digital footprints is possible, but the consequence would be a rather poor experience, especially when you are on a community platform on a weekly or daily basis. A relevant and logical use of navigation data improves the users experience on many aspects: a solid prediction of video games titles they might like, friends suggestions based on the same tastes, a selection of carefully chosen media or events. This functionality is important and is recquired on Whisplay to make the most of it. The suggested contents will those already present on the platform, in accordance with the user’s interests, and NEVER for commercial purposes (everyone loves annoying popping ads to sell shoes on a video game platform, but remember: there will be no ads on Whisplay!).

Long story short, the collect of personal data (if the user agrees to it, of course) – time you spent on each pages, personal informations, geographic location and so on – is important on Whisplay to ensure a pleasant and thrilling navigation, to bring the community together and encourage curiosity. However, the selling of these personal data to a third party is not acceptable and will never be considered.

The Whisplay Company has no need for income based on the resale of personal data to be financially sustainable – it is an ethical decision of the team – and the use of data will be only to serve the user best interest on the platform. #WeAreTheGamers also means trust, freedom and curiosity!

Pictures: unsplash.com