The Methodology Chronicles

A common vision

Whisplay is being built: the possibilities are endless and the potential is amazing. To start such a platform – meant to meet the new expectations of both the gamers and the developers – the working method must be efficient and the team must share a common vision of the project.

The first step was to define together the very concept of Whisplay. Even though the idea was born years ago, it evolved: we inventoried our ideas, what we expected from the project, and on the other hand what we wanted gone in the gaming world… to create a solid foundation and to make sure we had a common vision of Whisplay to start the development serenely. The functionalities present at launch will only be the beginning: ideas are flying and the platform will offer more and more innovative tools (not to mention your ideas – what the community will suggest is very important to us and will surely be taken into consideration).

Give me five

One can guess that a team composed of five tanks won’t make it through the dungeon… At Whisplay, every member of the team comes is from a different background: that’s what makes us stronger. Our skills and experiences are complementary and we move forward with passion and method, respecting each other’s expertise to give you the best of each of us. Our professional backgrounds are different, therefore we had to adapt our own habits to suit the needs at a start-up scale: we had to harmonize our schedules, our working methods and choose efficient communication tools, among other things.

Once on the same page, it was time to go into the details. From the general concept was born the most precise list of functionalities possible: we defined the entire architecture of the platform, picked the most efficient modules to improve communication between gamers and the relationship with the editors, and searched for the perfect balance between exhaustivity and ergonomy. To achieve that, nothing beats a large room, a lot of walls, a ton of sticky notes, pizza and a lot of time.

With this approach, we were able to establish deadlines for each component of the project, to identify priorities and set up a communication calendar as we progress… including the KickStarter campaign (coming Soon™!). The development is progressing at great speed and we will soon get a concrete overview of Whisplay’s possibilities.

User experience is at the heart of our reflexion process: the creation of a brand new type of platform that will meet the new kind of needs of the gaming world… Whisplay is being built, and every gamer is a building stone.

Removing barriers between gamers and developers, giving a voice to everyone equally, providing efficient tools and banishing advertisment: these are our goals and you are all invited to join the adventure…

Pictures : The Whisplay Company