Welcome to Whisplay!

We are giving you a guided tour…

Pretty pictures are worth a thousand words! We open the door and invite to take a peek at our base of operations, geeky and confortable, where we are working day and night to give you THE perfect portal / hub / place-to-be for the gaming community… Our offices are in Meylan near Grenoble, in the south-east of France: this is where Whisplay was born and where it keeps on growing.

Curiously enough, the walls are covered with video games posters, and you could stumble upon a jawa, a Cheshire cat or Uni the unicorn (the poor thing survived many attempts to end its life…). And most of all, you will find there a highly motivated team and a powerful project!

Now that you have seen our HQ, we can’t wait to show you the Whisplay platform… Stay tuned!