Teams & Guilds: “Stronger Together”

Guild me up :)

Video games are like many other things: you can choose to do it on your own, or in a group. So when you decide to play as a team, the first thing you look for is an equally efficient and welcoming place: it’s called… a team, a guild, a group, a clan, a herd, a legion, a squad, a company, you name it!

Group of players are present in 90% of the multiplayer games. First thing that comes to mind are the guilds surrounding MMORPGs – which can hold an impressive number of members – but those groups spread to the entire gaming world: sport games, action, retro and so on. Many vintage games dating back one or two decades continue to live on thanks to those passionate groups.

So why do we gamers rally in teams? Everyone has its very own vision and expectations, but bottom line is: unity is strength. But bringing together a team of 2, 25 ou 40 players and simply putting them on the battlefield is not enough if you want a chance to bring home the artefact… a great team comes with a meticulous organisation, cohesion and perseverance. A group of players shares a will and goals, whether it’s performance or simply a great time among friends. Joining a group is primarily motivated by logistics: many games reach their limits on solo mode, so you need a team to move forward, access certain zones and face higher difficulty… without the need to roam the matrix looking for team mates in need of pick up. And then you play and progress together, get into certain gaming habits and tactics and share your experiences with your fellow gamers: a group then become an instoppable war machine and a network of friends you can really count on.

What are the perks of being in a group in terms of organisation and strategy? Well it depends on the objectives of course: a hardcore or high level guild will be more in need of coordination tools to boost performance than a casual guild… A proper communication channel remains the basic tool to gather a group, but you still need efficient means to organize raids and matches: forums, calendars, roster and strategy management and recruiting methods. And it tends to get complicated without an efficient and comprehensive platform.

Gaming All Stars

Although many groups are solely motivated by a friendly atmosphere and the desire to have a good time, it often goes way beyond that: the impact of guilds and groups of players is felt in the very heart of the gaming industry. The developement of MMOs is directly influenced by those teams… The emulation created inspires gaming studios to listen, to always push the limits, to conceive harder contents, more intense and more immersive. A good multiplayer game should offer unique experiences and functionnalities: those groups are an inspiration for developers nowadays, allowing them to see further.

Today we witness competition between those groups of players, every single team trying their best to beat the other: this healthy emulation is beneficial for both the players and the developers, as it allows the game to gain a special soul and a priceless notoriety… Studios are proud of their teams!

Those groups helped create the notion of e-sport. Competition was brought to the virtual world, and it recently democratized these teams who battle it out in a massive way, sometimes with millions of dollars at stake, becoming more and more attractive for people outside of the gaming world.


Here at Whisplay, we know all about the struggle to find the right tools we need to keep a group together, whether it’s casual or high level: they are sometimes rudimentary and/or scattered all over the internet, and not ideal to protect our strategies from the opposing teams…

If you are a member of several different guilds or groups, your Whisplay account will be linked to all your team mates easily, on the same platform. When joining a or several communities, the automated creation of spheres of contact will help you keep in touch with your new friends!

Each of these tools are scheduled on Whisplay and WILL be out soon, if not on the day of the launch, shortly after… We will soon go deeper into details about our connections management system, that will greatly improve organisation in large and small groups of players!

Whether you are a solo player or someone who plays as a team (or both), Whisplay is meant for ALL players: a source of knowledge and features suited for everyone and every gaming style…

We are (all) the gamers.

Pictures :, TESO (Bethesda Softworks, ZeniMax Online Studios), Counter-Strike: GO (Valve), League of Legends (Riot Games)