The creation of Whisplay

Before was different…

Whisplay is coming! Soon™. But how did we get where we are today? Though we are barely starting to communicate about the project, the very idea of this community was born a long time ago; and as we know, an idea is only a sweet dream until we implement the necessary means and ressources for it to come true… and that’s not always easy. You may have read our ‘’once upon a time’’ or the story of how the three founders of Whisplay met on the WildStar Echoes plateform, and about our needs for a better communication in our last article: Whisplay was born of this meeting and expectations.

… and then there was Whisplay

When WildStar Echoes shut down, we couldn’t let down this amazing community, we had to upgrade our gear and start a new quest. The Whisplay project started with a simple idea: extensive tools connected on a single plateform. If it worked for one game, why not for the entire gaming community? We had to think bigger, greater, more advanced but still in the spirit of mutual aid and communication. That’s when Whisplay came to life, all we had to do next was to find the means to make it come true.

The next challenge was to evolve from a voluntary website into a company which could allow us to make a living out of our passion. We (Thyl, Madd and Bizit) threw all our ideas into the air: what the project meant to each of us, the functionalities to create, these small ideas that would make this plateform something special, what everyone could contribute to the adventure… and then just say: ‘’Go!’’

How will we call it? A kind community that whispers its opinions in a constructive way without malice, with conviction and passion. So who is our community? Who is playing? Wh-is-play? Whisplay?!! It sure has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Starting a company: challenge level 99

To make a dream come true, you have to go through… administration. For those who tried to defeat the Emerald Weapon in FFVII: well that’s pretty much that, just longer. We spent LONG hours on researching and gathering all the information on how to create a company (tax system, legal, administration, financial etc.), initialing and signing a LOT of papers, filling out a LOT of forms and waiting… and sometimes starting over. Let’s say we felt a shiver when the business identification number finally came in!

The company then settled in Grenoble in 2017 – Thyl’s home town – halfway between the other two members… and that’s also where you can find moutains worthy of the best scenes in the Elder Scrolls. This is where we found (by chance) the perfect premises that we quickly turned into geek operation headquarters, where we will stay until after the launch.

We are Legion

It turns ot that making your dream come true is a full-time job… Thyl and Madds were able to leave their former position to dive into this new quest and start up the company. Everyone found their place: Thyl is the project developer (that’s a lot of code), Madds is in charge of commercial relations and finances and Bizit is handling communication with the community.

Putting together such a huge project requires other skills, and Whismick came along with a logo when we had to give Whisplay its first visual representation. He’s now an effective player for the company as a product designer and works on user experience and the website interface. The next step was dress it all up nicely, so Tipha entered the game as art director in charge of graphic design and publication.

It was our wish that every person playing a part in the initial development of Whisplay would become a shareholder: we all contributed to the capital of the company along with our skills and efforts. We are lucky to be old friends, that’s the special spark of Whisplay.

The five anchors we need to start off our main campaign are here! We have a lot of coffee, pizzas and motivation to reach for the stars… We can’t wait to give you access to all the power of Whisplay. We are counting on you!

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