Let's Talk: Communication

Growling communication was not ideal for multiplayer… so human beings invented the articulated langage.

Homo Sapiens Sapiens is a gregarious species (most of the time) and our ancestors paved the way for global communication with tools we fondly remember – homing pigeons, smoke signals, telegraph, scented letters and so on. The means of communication have changed but the goal is still the same: we are not human if we cannot share our joys, fears, experiences and hopes…

Talking does not mean communicating

Whisplay’s conception of communication goes beyond the simple fact of talking. Writing, whispering or shouting throughout the internet is not enough to achieve communication, hoping that our words will be heard by the right person and won’t get lost somewhere in between… It’s about being heard, sharing present or past experiences and transmitting knowledge to someone who’s actually willing to receive and be inspired by it. And Whisplay will definitely make contribution toward communication in the gaming world… a BIG ONE.

‘’Many people talk so they won’t have to listen.’’

So it turns out that in 2018, Homo Sapiens Sapiens has mastered mass communication. Thanks to social media (among other things), an idea born from scratch can become interplanetary news. Mass hysteria starts within 300ms and information hits us from all sides along with the paradox of today’s communication: for better and for worse… with no filter but all the same under invisible censorship… about everything as well as nothing… And though it’s really easy to talk, it’s still very hard to be heard.

And when it comes to video games, the matter is quite sensitive. We talked earlier about the duality peculiar to the gaming community, and the negative opinion of the people outside looking in. Let’s say you have several hundreds friends on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter… close friends, family or acquaintances: how many of them are actually interested in video games? Who will really hear your enthusiasm for the recent release of your favorite game, and understand the thrill it brings? Usually, very few.

What should we do then?

So how do we communicate with our fellow gamers? Well, that depends: not unlike every person is different, every gamer has specific needs, an approach of gaming that will evolve with time and his personality. Some of us talk (a lot), some write, some draw and some of us rather keep to ourselves.

When we try to browse or communicate efficiently in the video game world, our experience is pretty much this: different websites for our different needs and going back and forth from one functionality to the next all over the web. ‘’This plateform provides very good forums, but no game guides.’’, ‘’I can find a lot of good media on this one, but there is no official communication from the game studios.’’…

We think that even the best tool is nothing if not able to adapt and connect to the other. Some thorough functionalities, interconnected and adapted to everyone’s ways : that’s what Whisplay wants to bring to the video game industry.


We will speak further of the means of communication on Whisplay as the development and test phases will progress. It was no easy task for the team to define and produce diverse but sharp tools, ready to adapt to every situation, according to our philosophy in which ‘every gamer is different’.

In addition to an evergrowing media database (pictures, videos, texts and arts), Whisplay’s objective is the cohesion and exchange between the members on a single plateform.

Whisplay isn’t destined to compete with actors who produce works of art in their field, constantly improving communication in the gaming world. We could name Discord for example, a tool we use every day and fits perfectly in our philosophy at the Whisplay Company.

Our goal is to break down barriers (languages, broadcasting methods or non-confidentiality) and to bring together the actors and the tools of this universe we love so much in a healthy and user-friendly environment… to create a lasting and long-awaited bond between communication (in every sense) and gaming.

And guess what? Whisplay’s Discord is up and running!
Come see us and discover the project: https://discord.gg/qjm6FCW.

Pictures: unsplash.com, slon.pics