Whisplay: Origin Story

‘’What is Whisplay?’’ is the question you ask yourselves, and we will TEASE you the answer over the next few months! By the way, we dropped a few hints on the website. Before we (slowly) break the suspense, we will share our tale with you. ‘’The origin of Whisplay’’ or the story of how our past experiences, hopes and encounters led us to make this idea a reality… This is our ‘’once upon a time’’.

From a tiny fansite...

It all started in 2013 with Wildstar Echoes, a fansite entirely dedicated to the Wildstar MMORPG by NCSoft, intending to list all the information and news related to the game. Brice ‘Thyl’ Ouvaroff – lead developper and main founder – was soon joigned by Camille ‘Bizit’ Mathieu and Raphaël ‘Madd’ Ramallo, passionate and eager to help with the publications and content moderation. This collaboration and enthusiasm was the beginning of a rock solid friendship!

Inspired by the reciprocal enthusiasm of the players, we continued to unfold and improve the website, providing more and more content. From the long-awaited forum – essential to the community – to the exhaustive database of the game (guides, regions, classes … you name it!), dialogue was the catalyst of our success. Success we owe to our ever-faithful users who lifted us up and contributed to the notoriety of the project by spreading the word around them!

To a great community.

It was once again the users who made our endeavor – Wildstar Echoes – a well-established website in the french-speaking gaming community, thanks to its reliable up-to-date content and the friendly, respectful and sound community. From a tiny voluntary website, we grew into a hub where most of the french Wildstar players could share and help each other… an influence that even crossed our borders since many web users from around the world came to visit. We were so proud of this unexpected success, as we greeted about 100,000 unique visitors per month.

Our strength originated from our close relationship with the community, our bond with the players, beyond the fact that we were all driven by the same passion: Wildstar. As a result, we connected quite naturally with NCSoft… an opportunity which gave us the chance to meet the american Wildstar developers during Gamescom 2013, to build a strong relationship with the French Community Manager and to plan exclusive content and contests for the community.

Turning a new page

Unfortunately, a year and a half later, the fading enthusiasm for the game led to shutdown... Despite this setback, the wonderful memories remain, and the great pride we took knowing we could bring together such an awesome community still make us strong today. We were deeply touched by the many supportive messages we received after the shutdown and by the strong attachment of the players to the community. Many hoped to see us again on another project…

A new hope

And... GUESS WHAT? We are back with Whisplay! Same players go again! The three fellows from Wildstar Echoes – Bizit, Madd and Thyl – never grew apart after the end of the road, dreaming of working together again on a project close to their hearts. A project about video games (obviously), the passion that brought us together, strongly oriented towards the community, ALL communities, not unlike the one that made us so proud!

Whisplay is born.
It’s huge, international, thrilling.
It’s a story about video games, passion, mutual aid, open-mindedness, freedom and it brings closer the publishers and the players. Are you ready?

Stay tuned…

Pictures: wallhaven.cc, NCSoft / Carbine Studios (WildStar)