Let's Talk: Community

We mentionned earlier in the ‘Origin Story’ that we are strongly attached to the Community (with a capital C), the driving force of our project. To us, community and gaming have an unbreakable bond… and Whisplay became the logical answer to our expectations: a single space where all players are welcome, from hardcore to casual gamers. We want to create a unified community hub where everybody will feel welcome, through support and respect, where players can meet and share their passion. But you will know more in the months to come… ONLY TEASING!


Nevertheless, gaming communities often suffer from a bad reputation, in the mind of gamers who actually went through a bad experience, and for people on the outside looking in. They have a toxic notoriety including verbal violence, harassment and unbearable comments on other users. Unfortunately, this grim reputation comes from a reality: those reprehensible behaviors are out there.

On the other hand, who never made friends online? ‘Online friends’ who will become ‘friends’, true real life friends with a strong connection… This was the case for us three – Bizit, Madd and Thyl: our digital bond became a long-lasting friendship which resulted in a once in a lifetime project, Whisplay.

Who never had occasional help from a more experimented player? And the other way around, who never stopped mid-game to take the time to answer a question or help a needy fellow player? Did you ever experience those widespread battles, caused only by a clash between two opponents, because dozens of players from both side rallied behind them in a cheerful mess? (Remember Strangleronce in World of Warcraft!)


Every player will have his or her own story to tell : it takes the gaming Community further, gives it its own kind of magic. Our gaming memories are made of our experiences, our victories and defeats, our interactions with other players – those who just passed by and those who became our brothers in arms.


The gaming community does not come down to the players IN a game, an entire community is looking out for them BEYOND the game: the one who composes guides, gives advices or tips, shares its miscellaneous experiences on forums, puts together contents to help fellow gamers. The gaming community can be, not only kind, but also creative in many ways.

We mentionned the great opportunity we had to bring together such a cool, healthy and friendly community as Wildstar Echoes… On our forum, people shared their aspirations, suggestions, questions or simply their opinions. It often set off debates, but always in a friendly way, with utter respect for everyone’s opinions. This is the values we keep close to our heart, the signs of a great Community, a community everyone can be proud of!

What about you WHISPLAYERS, will you be THE coolest community the universe has ever seen?
The answer… Soon™!

Pictures: wallhaven.cc, unsplash.com