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Welcome to Whisplay, the direct link between the gamers and the professionals of the gaming industry.

Discover your upcoming gaming social network and ultimate ad-free toolbox, FOR the gamers, BY the gamers. What if everything you needed and more was just here, on one single platform?

Use the links below to download our detailed brochures, and spread the word around you: Whisplay is coming your way!

The Project

Got tools?

Whisplay is a toolbox for players and studios across the world. Every service of the portal was passionately developed to make yet another contribution to the video game world. Our goal: to include every actors (occasional gamers, hardcore gamers, video game professionals, writers, videomakers, streamers…) and to challenge – one feature at a time – everyone’s abilities and habits.

What would you say if all those tools were linked, connected and available in ONE place?

Break downbarriers

At the heart of the digital revolution, communication is everywhere. Yet, barriers and intermediaries stand between those who imagine, create and those who play. Whisplay has no affiliation to any studio or press entity and finds its place in the complex industry of video games through neutrality.

The essence of Whisplay lies in breaking down barriers and bringing together the protagonists evolving in the same universe. From now on, we give everyone the possibility to share and move forward together, without interference. Are you in?

Against allads

Internet and advertisement are inseparable today. It is a justified source of income for the websites which display it… but for most users, the result is often intrusive and inappropriate. You will never need your favorite ad blocker because we made a stand: advertisement will NEVER be on Whisplay.

The useful display place of the portal will be total, no ad will jump your eyes or ears. This, dear players, is a promise!

More details soon...

Insider Program

Join the adventure!

Members of the Whisplay Insider program will have privileged access to the latest news and test phases.

NO SPAM, it's a promise!

The Whisplay Insider program is about:
  • Subscribing to the newsletter: stay tuned for the latest news and the progress in development

  • Pre-registering for test phases (alpha, beta…)

  • An opportunity to participate in Q&A sessions with the Whisplay team

  • Various bonuses unlocked on your Whisplay account on launch (date to be announced)

  • And many perks still yet to come…


Brice O.Thyl'
Brice Ouvaroff
CEO, Lead Developer

Who am I? I worship the Gods of coffee, tabulations and the pretty little pixel just in the right place. Confirmed geek and battle-hardened software/web developer, I come to you today as the CEO of The Whisplay Company. As in the past with the WildStar Echoes community portal, that brought our united team together, I play the role of Lead Developer.

I remember when I was very young, playing video games my older sister launched for me through MS-DOS commands, the old 25 pack of 3½-inch floppy disks, and this curiosity about computers and how they work. As for my journey through the great world of video games, it was simple and busy, and not without developments. My work today is the conclusion of all the above and my passion for the ever-changing world of computing, and its endless possibilities.

Let’s talk about gaming! I love above all multiplayer co-op games. My affection was born from LAN-parties and international Unreal Tournament competitions. Now, a good game is a stimulating game, through its complexity and challenges, but also because it’s just ‘fun’, and it just (strangely) makes time fly way too fast. I keep saying that a good game has a way of bringing together one or many communities of players. It’s also what Whisplay is to me.

‘See you soon™, friends’.

Thyl' @WP_Thyl
Raphaël R.Madds
Raphaël Ramallo
Managing Director

After being a Bordeaux guy for over 10 years, I moved to Grenoble to start The Whisplay Company with my bros. And there I am, surrounded by mountains though I never skied in my life, having to redefine my wine knowledge. I am the troll in charge of business development! And being the Managing Director is the best position for that.

My father was passionate about everything in the vegetal world, especially tomatoes, so naturally I turned to… video games. Before I could play ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ and ‘Day of Tentacle’ (on floppy disk!), I had to learn how to read, and all the logical links to understand words: ‘move is pronounced like mummy, so that’s the word’.

My gaming experience is rather atypical: I spent countless hours on World of Warcraft and League of Legend! ‘Gladiator’ for the former, and at the top of the ‘bogus’ / sucky’ division for the latter! Pretty constant in mastery! I love RPGs, and I love tactical RPGs the most. The Civilization series, and Heroes of Might and Magic III (1999) still take most of my time! Graphics make everything… or not.

Enough about me, what games do YOU play?

Madds @WP_Madds
Camille M.Bizit
Camille Mathieu
Digital Media Director

As far as I’m concerned, the key to happiness is to add melted cheese on top of everything! But beyond my unconditional love for raclette cheese, I am co-founder of The Whisplay Company with my best friends and Community & Digital Media Director, acting as a liaison with the gaming community and mostly the players.

I entered the wonderful world of video games when I was seven with Rayman, my very first ‘game crush’: the flashy colors, the silly character and its gorgeous banana-shaped hair, the levels – so many different atmospheres, all of them breathtaking – the powerful soundtrack… I just loved it, and since then, I was hooked!

Then I played many, but I’ll keep the two I spent the most hours on: GTA San Andreas (‘Follow the damn train, CJ !’) and World of Warcraft where I passed all the possible PVE stages: from total newbie on Vanilla, to finally end up titular member of a top 3 server guild on Cataclysm.

But what I enjoy the most now are solo games, that will totally draw me into their universe (pretty much like a good book does), as well as co-op games that lead to many laughs and endless fun sessions with my friends.

Bizit @WP_Bizit
Mickaël V.WhisMick
Mickaël Vang
Product Designer

Since I was very young, I’ve always been deep into the digital world (‘new technologies’ as we used to say) and into drawing. I spent hours fine-tuning Goku’s hair, and more hours on my father’s 386 PC playing the first (and only for the purists) Prince of Persia, Flashback, Commander Keen (aka ‘Keen 4’ for family and friends) and many others.

I’ve always dreamed of a job where I could combine visual work and computing. Yes, that word is still in use. Imagine my delight when I learned – by sheer luck in a student forum – about the graphic designer job.

After many years in web agencies, e-commerce or freelance, I joined the wonderful Whisplay Company adventure as Product Designer. My role? Create emotion within every line of pixels. Because making people dream is obsolete LOL.

WhisMick @mickael_vang
Tiphaine O.Tipha
Tiphaine Ouvaroff
Art Director

I am the introvert who grew up with video games on her heart, and stars in her eyes. My dream: to have my very own spaceship and come back once in a while for pizza… In the meantime, I am a graphic designer and I joined The Whisplay Company as Art Director, an equally wonderful adventure.

Computer and video games have always been in my life (that’s a genetic thing), from the very first one (Winter Games in 4 colors…) to Jazz JackRabbit, Wacky Wheels (right Thyl?!), Doom, Discworld. And one beautiful day, my brother and I spent (a lot of) time on a new game, and it was the beginning of the end: Final Fantasy VII. I knew then that I would spent the rest of my life in the wonderful world of gaming. My favorites: Diablo, FF, Silent Hill, Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Age, Horizon… And all those games that draw you into their universe, make your heart beat a little faster and somewhat distort space and time (mostly time).

‘’You’re an adult now, act like an adult!’’. I don’t really know what it means, but I do know that I live a hundred lives when many only get to live one. Whether it’s multiplayer or solo, a game and a community bring together those who remained a child at heart.

Tipha @TiphaO